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Harrington Raceway Entries
Monday Oct 03, 2022 Post Time:4:30 PM
Matt's Picks: 4-7-1
1st  HGNW4PMLT $10,000 Pace
1. Rapid Pulse (Ru Foster) 4-1, Ultra consistent for team Bright, looks to continue the aggressive trend here.
2. Illini Hank (Ja Thompson) 20-1
3. Twist Knot (Co Callahan) 4-1
4. Elm Grove Quail (Ja Porter) 5-1, Has 2 recent wins and both attempts here were very good.
5. Westender (Pa Berry) 8-1
6. Donoghue Seelster (Al Davis) 7-1
7. Prayforthewicked (Mi Cole) 3-1, Runner up last start - remains strong contender in the class.
8. Smirking (Ja Morand) 8-1
Matt's Picks: 1-6-4
2nd  DSBF ELIM $20,000 Pace
1. Ajayi (Mo Teague) 7-5, Cut the mile in a tougher division in round one elim, looks to bounce back here.
2. Cj Jet (Ja Thompson) 20-1
3. I'mroddythebagman (Ro Wolfenden) 20-1
4. Delightinhisglory (Ar Stafford Jr) 9-5, Runner up last time at a big price with marked improvement. Promising effort to build on.
5. Marshal Dillon (Co Callahan) 7-1
6. Rod's Beach (Pa Berry) 4-1, Didn't fire last time but was in a tougher division and can rebound.
7. Nozy Lynx (Ru Foster) 20-1
Matt's Picks: 4-6-5
3rd  DSBF ELIM $20,000 Pace
1. Showdown Lynx (Ro Wolfenden) 5-1
2. Dab Me Up (Ja Porter) 8-1
3. Meg A Bags (Ja Dennis) 20-1
4. He's A Savage (Pa Berry) 9-5, Runner up in round one, solid debut and can progress now in 2nd start.
5. Sweetest Swing (Ar Stafford Jr) 7-2, Finally a good draw and liked the effort last time from an outside post.
6. Bad Boy Too (Vi Kirby) 5-2, Was wire-to-wire winner last time and mid pack post may permit another aggressive attempt.
7. Bad Colt (Mo Teague) 20-1
Matt's Picks: 4-5-6
4th  DSBF ELIM $20,000 Pace
1. Hay Cisco (Ru Foster) 12-1
2. Fancy Lynx (Mo Teague) 7-1
3. Double Bags (Al Davis) 12-1
4. Night Terror (Ro Plante Jr) 9-5, He's won 2 straight impressively and is most experienced in field.
5. Cards A Flyin (Ar Stafford Jr) 8-5, Debuted with a solid front end effort and win, this will be tougher.
6. Badlands Casino (Mi Cole) 7-2, Faced deeper split in last, post disadvantage tonight.
Matt's Picks: 7-6-8
5th  WOSELECTHC $17,500 Pace
1. Justasec N (Sh Lare) 5-1
2. Bodega Bay (Ar Stafford Jr) 20-1
3. Big City Bud (Ja Thompson) 7-1
4. Major Pocket A (Pa Berry) 10-1
5. Bell's David (Vi Kirby) 9-1
6. Shoobee Doo A (Co Callahan) 5-2, Notched 3rd win of meet vs. weaker, more than capable of ascending here.
7. Mack (Mi Cole) 4-1, Was gaining late but had too much to do last time. Another outside draw but can't count this gutsy 5-year-old easily.
8. Movin' On Up (Al Davis) 9-2, He's had a terrific season and is approaching $200k in seasonal earnings.
Matt's Picks: 3-5-1
6th  DSBF ELIM $20,000 Pace
1. Luck Is A Lynx (Mo Teague) 7-2, Beaten fave off a first over trip where he tired last week. Aiming for better now.
2. Billy Boy B (Al Davis) 20-1
3. Gaitway Guy (Co Callahan) 7-5, Nice rally to prevail last week at a price. Cat's out of the bag here.
4. Georgy T (Ro Wolfenden) 9-2
5. Buzzle (Ar Stafford Jr) 3-1, Gave a solid outing in debut and saw enough to warrant consideration here.
6. Notte's Mist (Ja Porter) 8-1
Matt's Picks: 5-1-2
7th  HNW12501L5 $13,500 Pace
1. Got The Mojo (Ar Stafford Jr) 5-2, Descends for team Ell and landed in a great spot to bid for 2nd win in 3 starts.
2. Bipbopnallie (Al Davis) 2-1, As been on his game for team Leblanc, have to respect his assertive and consistent form spree.
3. Bettor At Hightide (Ja Porter) 10-1
4. Sir Charles Of Sky (Ba Dalious) 8-1
5. Ocean Ridge N (Co Callahan) 7-2, Newcomer has chased some quality company this year and stands out on paper but can he handle small track?
6. Never Say Never N (Mi Cole) 12-1
7. Dancinat Midland (Ru Foster) 20-1
8. Metallica (Ja Thompson) 15-1
Matt's Picks: 6-5-3
8th  25-35000CL $14,000 Pace
1. See You Tuesday (Ro Wolfenden) 4-1
2. Ding Ding Dinger (Ar Stafford Jr) 15-1
3. What About David (Mo Teague) 5-1, Talented sophomore makes his debut with claiming company, this is a step up but his last two here were speed laden quality efforts.
4. Doubleagentman (Al Davis) 6-1
5. Win Not Lou (Ja Lynch) 7-2, In very good form for Lynch and his recent starts have all featured an aggressive nature that have put him up close early and in prime position.
6. Aberdeen Hanover (Co Callahan) 5-1, Sharp effort with similar last time and drew a bit better tonight in repeat attempt.
7. Real Surreal (Pa Berry) 9-2
8. Sun Of A Show (Ru Foster) 9-1
Matt's Picks: 3-2-1
9th  HGWO5/NW9 $13,500 Pace
1. Jumpin Jim Finn (Ar Stafford Jr) 7-1, Thrives on sitting close and has shown ample early presence in the past.
2. Mad Man Hill (Pa Berry) 3-1, Solid threat but can get overbet, does get a much better situation this time around.
3. Blood Feud (Ro Wolfenden) 7-2, Parlayed a pocket trip to victory last week in the class and I think will be the chalk here.
4. Jollity (Ja Porter) 4-1
5. Downers Delight (Ba Dalious) 6-1
6. High St Corridor (Vi Kirby) 20-1
7. It's Above Me Now (Mo Teague) 5-1
8. Gold Star Sven (Mi Cole) 12-1
Matt's Picks: 1-7-2
10th  HGNW4PMLT $10,000 Pace
1. War Of Will (Ru Foster) 5-2, Won from here on 8-23 and has had some tough starting slots of late. 
2. Lyons Sharpie (Al Davis) 3-1, Great spot to exercise his forte, which is stalking and surging!
3. Mom's Little World (Mo Teague) 10-1
4. Milan Blu (Ja Porter) 8-1
5. I Roddy (Ja Thompson) 6-1
6. Step On Over (Mi Cole) 10-1
7. Twin B Raptor (Co Callahan) 3-1, Was 2nd from here on 9-19 and showed good early speed to gain position last time.
8. Part Time Affair (Pa Berry) 20-1
Matt's Picks: 1-2-3
11th  HGWO5/NW9 $13,500 Pace
1. Shakespeare (Al Davis) 3-2, Notched his 2nd win of the season off a deuce trip last time, looking for similar type journey.
2. Cntnobdytelmenothn (Mo Teague) 3-1, Has had multiple wins at meet, moves up a notch here but has been sharp.
3. Lyons Music (Ja Lynch) 5-1, Rarely misses checks for Lynch, should have position again here to finish close.
4. Yankee Litigator (Co Callahan) 6-1
5. Rj Sports Image (Vi Kirby) 10-1
6. Bettor In Cash (Ar Stafford Jr) 9-1
7. Outclassed (Ja Thompson) 20-1
8. Last Bet (Ru Foster) 20-1
Matt's Picks: 5-1-4
12th  HGNW6PMLT $11,500 Pace
1. All The Chips (Ro Wolfenden) 9-5, He's been competitive on the regular here and maintains inside position to use his speed.
2. Moment To Shine (Ba Dalious) 20-1
3. Ats Hanover (Al Davis) 12-1
4. H T Three (Mo Teague) 4-1, 2 straight dubs since returning home, gets another live spot here but the field is deeper.
5. Rocknroll Gold (Ar Stafford Jr) 2-1, Back after a competitive bid vs. tougher at PHL. One to beat.
6. Mr Overbite (Pa Berry) 6-1
7. Under Contract (Mi Cole) 20-1
8. Victory Move (Co Poliseno) 20-1
Matt's Picks: 1-2-5
13th  NW8501L5 $11,000 Pace
1. Harambe Deo (Ro Wolfenden) 2-1, Parlayed a pocket trip to victory in last, makes local debut and brings plenty of clout, but will note his best efforts have come on bigger tracks.
2. Leonard's Legacy (Ar Stafford Jr) 9-5, Sharp in his last two for team Stafford and have to like the post relief.
3. Oh K Man (Vi Kirby) 20-1
4. Outcry (Ja Thompson) 6-1
5. Virgil N (Co Callahan) 7-1, Showed good speed in his last two but had no excuse last time. Needs more.
6. Proper One (Co Poliseno) 20-1
7. Princeoftheforest (Mo Teague) 7-1
8. Declan Seelster (Ru Foster) 20-1
Matt's Picks: 1-4-6
14th  NW5501L5 $8,500 Pace
1. Owosso Flash (Mo Teague) 9-2, Needed last start and caught the ultimate dose of post relief. Lots to like tonight.
2. D Day Hill (Ja Porter) 6-1
3. Shady's Shark Bait (Pa Berry) 7-1
4. Avatar J (Ar Stafford Jr) 7-2, Encouraging effort on 9-26 with a strong late kick, that should set him up well here.
5. Jk Wildfire (Vi Kirby) 4-1
6. Twin B Laker (Al Davis) 6-1, 3rd try for CC barn and we've seen improvement in prior two outings.
7. Panther's Pinot (Ri Still) 20-1
8. All Night Party (Mi Cole) 7-1
Matt's Picks: 1-5-2
15th  NW3501L5 $6,000 Pace
1. Slipin Skip (De Donoway) 7-5, Has been facing much tougher most of the season. No excuses here.
2. Watch My Beverage (Mi Cole) 8-1, Runner up with a front end try last out and hails from leading barn at the meet. 
3. Aidan (Ja Thompson) 20-1
4. Marc In The Box (Ro Wolfenden) 5-1
5. Archie And Emerson (Mo Teague) 5-2, Not sure what happened to this fella but before the break he was regressing. Qualifier was OK, land we know he has plenty of talent.
6. Letsmakeawish (Ar Stafford Jr) 9-1
7. Foxbriar Romeo (Co Poliseno) 20-1
8. Can We Dance (Ba Dalious) 20-1