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Harrington Raceway Entries
Monday May 23, 2022 Post Time:4:30 PM
Matt's Picks: 5-3-1
1st  NW8501L5 $11,000 Pace
1. Sonny At The Beach (Vi Kirby) 3-1, Needs a bit more than what we've seen of late but should have right the trip from here.
2. Dancinat Midland (Ru Foster) 4-1
3. Power Of Tell (Ro Wolfenden) 4-1, Encouraging form spree even though he was a beaten chalk in his last, the effort was there.
4. Gallic Beach (Mo Teague) 7-1
5. Itsrockandroll A (Co Callahan) 7-2, Class of field looks to reverse form slump. If right, he should handle these.
6. Silver Fox J (Mi Cole) 20-1
7. Rocktavius (Ja Thompson) 8-1
8. Hey Run Me Over (An Morgan) 15-1
Matt's Picks: 5-4-6
2nd  HGNW6PMLT $11,500 Pace
1. Can We Dance (Ro Wolfenden) 9-2
2. Ats Hanover (Mo Teague) 3-1
3. Under Contract (Mi Cole) 8-1
4. Archie And Emerson (Vi Kirby) 7-2, Caught a deep group, but he's a formidable option when on his game.
5. Jumpin Jim Finn (An Morgan) 7-2, Razor sharp and bids for 3rd win of meet.
6. Due West (Ar Stafford Jr) 9-2, Has had a good stint throughout the spring. Will be tested from here.
7. Leonard's Legacy (Co Callahan) 20-1
Matt's Picks: 1-5-3
3rd  HNW12501L5 $13,500 Pace
1. Got The Mojo (Ar Stafford Jr) 8-5, Never seems to throw in a bad race and comes off a sharp win.
2. Justasec N (Al Davis) 6-1, 
3. Balder Son (Mi Cole) 5-1, Knows how to mow down rivals late and gets class drop.
4. Gotta Minute N (Pa Berry) 20-1
5. Mcboogitty (Co Callahan) 5-1, Another class dropper, he yielded on the rail in his last but looking for better here.
6. Sir Charles Of Sky (Ru Foster) 8-1
7. Proper One (Co Poliseno) 20-1
8. All Hands On Deck (An Morgan) 9-2
Matt's Picks: 1-8-2
4th  HGWO6/NW9 $13,500 Pace
1. Jadensmagicsteel (Ru Foster) 3-1, Impressive win in 2nd try here, back in same class with better post.
2. Bettor In Cash (An Morgan) 6-1, Really liked the effort here on 5-2, drew outside posts after, looking for him to show more.
3. Captain Groovy (Pa Berry) 8-1
4. Blood Feud (Ro Wolfenden) 9-2
5. Bell's David (Vi Kirby) 9-2
6. Yankee Litigator (Co Callahan) 7-1
7. Machpheus (Mo Teague) 20-1
8. Avion Seelster (Al Davis) 4-1, Runner up in last 2 and has the speed to overcome draw potentially.
Matt's Picks:2-6-1
5th  35000CL $14,500 Pace
1. Nox Vegas Bluechip (Ar Stafford Jr) 2-1, Beaten 2 lengths last time in the class, has 2 wins at meet.
2. Bettor At Hightide (Mo Teague) 5-2, Transitioning to claimers off a favorable form spree. Should adapt well.
3. Highland Tartan (Co Callahan) 12-1
4. Bodega Bay (An Morgan) 12-1
5. Never Say Never N (Ro Wolfenden) 6-1
6. Candys Image Rocks (Al Davis) 3-1, One of steadier rivals you will find, looks to keep solid season intact.
7. Outcry (Pa Berry) 20-1
8. Gunslinger Hill (Ja Lynch) 15-1
Matt's Picks: 4-6-1
6th  OPEN HC $20,000 Pace
1. Sun Of A Show (Ro Wolfenden) 9-1, Ascends off claim riding a 2 race win streak.
2. Thornbush Hanover (An Morgan) 7-1
3. Starship (Ja Thompson) 9-2
4. Sprocket (Pa Berry) 9-2, Speed player just missed in his last 3, maybe tonight he gets it done!
5. Bo Mach (Co Callahan) 12-1
6. Penzance Hanover (Ar Stafford Jr) 5-1, Prevailed impressively off a pocket trip last week, aims to repeat.
7. Keep On Rocking A (Al Davis) 7-1
8. Slick Tony (Mo Teague) 3-1
Matt's Picks: 4-6-2
7th  NW3501L5 $6,000 Pace
1. Kokanee Seelster (An Morgan) 9-2
2. White Rolls (Al Davis) 4-1,  Has a recent win in the class and assertive nature should put him close again.
3. Half Cut (Ja Porter) 3-1
4. Ideal Cowboy (Ba Dalious) 7-2, Has had some tough trips of late, draws much closer here and looking for smoother journey.
5. Rose Run Warrior (Ro Wolfenden) 20-1
6. Bills Fella (Mi Cole) 7-2, 2nd off bench, has the back class but has been erratic lately.
7. Awigglenagiggle (Co Poliseno) 20-1
8. Cruise Patrol (Pa Berry) 15-1
Matt's Picks: 1-7-5
8th  15000CLHC $12,000 Pace
1. Moxley (Al Davis) 2-1, Solid effort from outside post in his last, have to like the post break.
2. Fashion Bythebeach (Ro Wolfenden) 10-1
3. Lightning Onmyfeet (Mo Teague) 5-1
4. Jonah (Co Callahan) 15-1
5. Play Times Over (An Morgan) 5-1, Kicked home well to get on the ticket vs. similar on 5-16, looking for similar here.
6. Letsmakeawish (Pa Berry) 6-1
7. Machaholic (Ar Stafford Jr) 5-2, Proven winner of late with 2 recent trips to the winner's circle, but must do it from a much worse slot now.
Matt's Picks: 1-3-5
9th  NW5501L5 $8,500 Pace
1. Big City Bud (Ja Porter) 3-1, Some solid options in field but love the draw and class drop combo here.
2. See You Tuesday (Ro Wolfenden) 4-1
3. Princeoftheforest (Mo Teague) 5-1, Comes off a win and has the credentials to ascend in 3rd start off layoff.
4. Highland Beach Boy (Vi Kirby) 5-1
5. Seventh Secret (Ar Stafford Jr) 5-2, Miscued in last at odds on, but expect him to rebound here.
6. Cousin Brucie (Ru Foster) 20-1
7. Northwest Yankee (Mi Cole) 20-1
8. Slipin Skip (Pa Berry) 20-1
Matt's Picks: 1-6-2
10th  25000CL $13,500 Pace
1. Royhill (Ru Foster) 12-1, Another newbie from JJ barn, appears half mile ready and comes off a blowout win at Nfld.
2. Monty's Play (Mo Teague) 5-2, Established threat in the class and makes 2nd try for JH barn off claim. Last one was very good.
3. Mister Indiana (Ar Stafford Jr) 3-1
4. Major Key (Al Davis) 7-1
5. Transitioning Joy (Vi Kirby) 6-1
6. Win Not Lou (Pa Berry) 7-2, Transitions to claimers off a win, appears to fit this group but will need to remain sharp.
7. Star Messenger (An Morgan) 7-1
8. Automatic Dragon (Co Callahan) 20-1
Matt's Picks: 1-2-3
11th  HGNW4PMLT $10,000 Pace
1. Step On Over (Mi Cole) 9-2, He's won half his starts this year and appears to be in top form. Hard to dismiss here.
2. Marksman Hanover (Ar Stafford Jr) 3-1, Held his own in debut with the class, should be in line for a sweet trip from here.
3. Victory Move (Co Poliseno) 5-2, Runner up in last against a top foe, maintains favorable draw and would prefer him over outside horses.
4. Bare It Hill (Co Callahan) 3-1
5. In Thought (Ja Thompson) 9-1
6. Maui (Ru Foster) 20-1
7. Hes Stalking You (Al Davis) 9-1
8. Always A Look (Pa Berry) 20-1
Matt's Picks: 4-3-5
12th  HGNW6PMLT $11,500 Pace
1. Better B Swift (Mo Teague) 4-1
2. Subban (Ar Stafford Jr) 2-1
3. Jollity (Ja Porter) 7-1, Plenty of "go" here if he behaves, was 4th in a good group last race.
4. Shakespeare (Al Davis) 5-2, He's rung up a lot of on the board finishes the last 2 years, has plenty of gate speed to gain position and should be in the fray.
5. Gold Star Sven (Mi Cole) 15-1, Interesting newcomer shows a solid qualifier on big track as he makes 3-year-old debut.
6. Moment To Shine (Pa Berry) 20-1
7. Rj Sports Image (Vi Kirby) 7-1
8. Outclassed (Co Callahan) 20-1
Matt's Picks: 1-4-7
13th  NW3501L5 $6,000 Pace
1. Lifewithjohn (Ja Thompson) 5-1, Moving up but was 3rd in a 1:53 mile last time and this doesn't look any tougher.
2. Eastend Eddie (Mo Teague) 15-1
3. American Rock (Ja Moyer) 4-1
4. Dogfight (Sh Lare) 9-5, Hard hitter gets class relief and looks to turn around recent dull form.
5. Finding Terror (Ar Stafford Jr) 7-1
6. Jk Lucky Charms (Ja Porter) 7-1
7. Ill Play It Alone (An Morgan) 6-1, Loved him last start but was scratched, tough read from here but would be in tune to early tote action.
8. Wisers Deluxe (Vi Kirby) 20-1
Harrington Raceway Entries
Tuesday May 24, 2022 Post Time:4:30 PM
Matt's Picks: 3-2-1
1st  NW4PMLT $11,000 Pace
1. Illini Hank (An Morgan) 5-1,Has 2 recent on the board finishes, can sit close and look for more of the same.
2. M S Ingeneious (Ar Stafford Jr) 5-1, Finished third to a buzz saw in her last, would use under # 3 tonight.
3. Prayforthewicked (Mi Cole) 5-2, Last 2 miles were very good here and he'll likely be the chalk here for top barn.
4. Earlybird Special (Co Callahan) 6-1
5. Boom Sauce (Pa Berry) 9-2
6. Smirking (Ja Morand) 20-1
7. True Hue (Ja Thompson) 20-1
8. Mr Overbite (Al Davis) 4-1
Matt's Picks: 6-1-5
2nd  FMMAIDEN $6,500 Pace
1. Movie Premiere (Co Callahan) 3-1, Seemed to be making progress in MD, catches a wide open group and can impact from here.
2. Donna's The Best (Pa Berry) 9-2
3. Chaste (Ju Vincent) 10-1
4. Spin Girlfrin' (Ru Foster) 10-1
5. Clean Up Hitter (Ri Borowsky) 7-2, Solid option in the class who has been finishing well for Borowsky.
6. Delightful Chic (Al Davis) 5-1, Needed last start and had some sneaky late pace. Hunch play?
7. Prime Power (Ja Porter) 4-1
8. Missstarofnova (Ty Davis) 20-1
Matt's Picks: 6-1-2
3rd  FMNW2PMLT $7,500 Pace
1. Code Three (Al Davis) 2-1, Has a recent win in the class and her early speed/post combo should make her a strong contender.
2. Rj's Angel (Ro Wolfenden) 4-1, Beaten a length last time with these and gets 2nd time lasix here in potentially menacing spot.
3. Magnolia Moonstone (Ba Dalious) 20-1
4. It's Turtle Time (Ja Porter) 6-1
5. Shez Back In Black (Pa Berry) 7-1
6. Period With A T (An Morgan) 7-2, Her last 2 miles were very good, expecting another assertive mile as she looks 2 build on back-to-back runner up finishes.
7. Elizabeth Darcy (Co Callahan) 20-1
8. Elizabeth Ann One (Ru Foster) 7-1
Matt's Picks:  2-4-3
4th  FMNW4PMLT $10,000 Pace
1. Bluffs Crush (Mo Teague) 4-1
2. Granttwentythree (Ar Stafford Jr) 2-1, Made a nice 3 wide move to charge home a winner on 5-17. Back in similar company.
3. B Vanish (Co Callahan) 8-1, Had too much to do in her last off dull cover, aiming for better.
4. Panty Line (Ro Wolfenden) 5-2, Beaten fave in her last vs. #2 but raced competitively again and looks to be chief threat.
5. Bettor B Sawyer (Ru Foster) 10-1
6. My Sweet Jeanie (Mi Cole) 20-1
7. Somebodys Me (An Morgan) 9-1
8. Sweet Kiss (Al Davis) 12-1
Matt's Picks:6-2-1
5th  FMWO6/NW9L $13,500 Pace
1. Southwind Mina (Vi Kirby) 5-1, Much better draw and did well to get a check from the snowman in her last.
2. Zipper Sweater (Co Poliseno) 7-1, Aggressive mare has been putting in some strong miles. Look for that to continue.
3. Sweet Lil (Ja Porter) 20-1
4. Rowdy Rousey (An Morgan) 8-1
5. Dragons Last (Al Davis) 5-1
6. Incaseyoudidntknow (Ja Morand) 5-2, Paced in 1:53 here last time and raced well enough to win. Playing right back.
7. Shield Maiden (Ro Wolfenden) 6-1
8. Woodmere Leah (Mo Teague) 9-2
Matt's Picks: 2-3-5
6th  MNW12501L5 $13,500 Pace
1. Arts And Flowers (Ro Plante Jr) 6-1
2. Rose Run Victoria (Co Callahan) 3-1, Miscued in her last, but was in sterling form prior and expecting a rebound tonight.
3. My Last Bet (An Morgan) 7-2, Was runner up in the class 2 starts back and this may be an easier field.
4. Shotgun Persuasion (Vi Kirby) 9-1
5. Rock N Shard N (Al Davis) 7-2, Steady veteran has been competitive all season with similar.
6. Nikasa N (Mo Teague) 6-1
7. Lincoln's Girl N (Au Siegelman) 20-1
8. Ahoy (Ru Foster) 9-1
Matt's Picks: 1-4-7
7th  FMOPENHC $20,000 Pace
1. Michelle's Jazz (An Morgan) 4-1, Has a recent win in the class, love the draw in her favor here.
2. Cruzinforavictory (Ar Stafford Jr) 5-1
3. Western Secret A (Mi Cole) 20-1
4. A Delightful Act N (Ro Wolfenden) 7-2, Kicked home well last time in a change of tactics to get the place money. One of sharper rivals in field.
5. Shezza Gnp N (Ja Porter) 8-1
6. Pass Line Bluechip (Mo Teague) 7-2
7. Feeling Sweet (Pa Berry) 3-1, She's a terrific mare and she had no problems winning from here last out.
Matt's Picks: 6-4-1 
8th  FMNW8501L5 $11,000 Pace
1. Sunshineatthebeach (Al Davis) 4-1, Her lone win this year came here on 4-19, draw should help put her close.
2. She's Got The Lynx (Ro Wolfenden) 5-1
3. Hired Luck (Mo Teague) 9-1
4. Sea Princess (Ar Stafford Jr) 5-1, She's won 2 straight for team Columbo - this is a class test but seems ready.
5. Anneke (Pa Berry) 5-2
6. Sweet Bobbie (An Morgan) 7-2, 10-year-old has been in competitive form for Ewing.
7. Flirty Forty (Co Callahan) 10-1
Matt's Picks: 6-1-8
9th  FM7500CL $5,000 Pace
1. Rollatown (An Morgan) 7-5, Fresh claim has been one of better options in the class, 9-year-old looks to continue consistent form.
2. Thats Fun (Mo Teague) 15-1
3. B N Hopeful (Co Poliseno) 15-1
4. Dee Dee Kay (Ty Davis) 20-1
5. Whitehaven Beach (Co Callahan) 6-1
6. She's No Spinster (Ar Stafford Jr) 9-5, Notched her 7th win of season last week, can repeat.
7. Stealing Bases (Vi Kirby) 20-1
8. Gingerbred Girl (Pa Berry) 9-1, 4-year-old has two recent runner up finishes for team Short, but loses the post edge.
Matt's Picks: 5-3-2
10th  FMNW2PMLT $7,500 Pace
1. Tahoe (Pa Berry) 4-1
2. Smokey's Passion (Ar Stafford Jr) 5-2, Looks to capitalize on best post since March, did well to get checks from bad spots in 2 recent starts.
3. Manhunt (An Morgan) 8-1, Regressed in her last but aims to regroup and caught a wide open field. I think she'll bounce back.
4. Sweet Gisele (Ba Dalious) 20-1
5. Gazitarena (Ja Thompson) 2-1, Her last split was much tougher than this one, that being said I would look elsewhere at a short price.
6. Seboomook Beauty (Ce Horsey) 6-1
7. Hearty Dragon (Al Davis) 9-1
Matt's Picks: 8-2-1
11th  FMNW4PMLT $10,000 Pace
1. Sgtshirleyssweetie (An Morgan) 8-1, Not sure she can match the speed of my top two picks but certainly has position in her favor.
2. On My Way Hanover (Ru Foster) 7-2, Key post break, was runner up two back in the class.
3. Bank The Win (Vi Kirby) 5-2
4. Beyond The Moon (Ba Dalious) 20-1
5. Kates Way (Ju Vincent) 20-1
6. Roses And Orchids (Al Davis) 10-1
7. Wonder Of Love (Co Callahan) 12-1
8. Only Ten I See (Ar Stafford Jr) 2-1, No stranger to this post, it's her 4th time here in 5 starts! Has some nice efforts despite that and was Stafford's pick over #2.
Matt's Picks:1-2-3
12th  MNW2001L5 $5,000 Pace
1. Tootsy Rolls Quick (An Morgan) 3-1, Literally a field that is so difficult to separate, I'm almost defaulting to post position here.
2. Im Won Crown Wiser (Pa Berry) 7-2, Should sit close again here and finds easier field.
3. St Lads Maggie Mae (Ja Porter) 5-2, Transitions from claimers and may find this to be a softer spot.
4. Sunshine Hall (Ba Dalious) 5-1
5. Hey Siri (Ju Vincent) 20-1
6. Winrlosedrnkdaboze (Ru Foster) 5-1
7. Real Rich (Co Callahan) 20-1
8. Corner Table (Al Davis) 20-1
Matt's Picks: 2-6-7
13th  FMNW3601L5 $6,000 Pace
1. I Got The Diamonds (Pa Berry) 7-1
2. Anytime N (Al Davis) 9-5, Has been off her game and was a beaten fave in her last but that race may still stack up well.
3. Throwing Shade (Ro Plante Jr) 3-1
4. Buffalo Heart (Ja Thompson) 15-1
5. I'lltellmom (Ki Vincent) 20-1
6. In And Out Again (An Morgan) 4-1, Showed good speed before yielding in her last, takes class drop.
7. Bff Hanover (Co Callahan) 9-1, Another taking class drop, she was within a half length of similar on 4-26.
8. Gracefullyforgiven (Ar Stafford Jr) 12-1